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Intercepted Imperial Transmissions

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Jan 4, 2019

On today's episode, the Librarian kvetch about the Government Shutdown, but is immediately cheered up by the light of a glorious Star Wars Sithmas Tree.  We discussed plans to try to get to NY ComicCon 2019.  We touch on Ralph McQuarrie's wonderful artwork and how there should be more McQuarrie tree ornaments.  The Librarian goes on yet another, yet shorter, rant on the evil that is "Ruin" Johnson.  Karen helps us wade through the deluge of films of 2018, and where The Last Jedi ranks.

Luke's World Heritage Site, better known as Ach-To.

Why Episode IX doesn't need a "new" new Stormtrooper.

How both Johnny 5 and IG-88 are alive!

1313 is back on the menu boys!

And where Ackbar gets all of his wonderful rumors.

Star Wars World Facebook

Star Wars 1313 is back!!

So, pull up a Puffin, or a Porg, grab a glass of fresh squeezed green milk, and enjoy!