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Intercepted Imperial Transmissions

Hello Intercepted Imperial Transmissions listeners!  We would be honored if you would join us.  Have a look around, and use the comment page to reach out and say hi!

Oct 29, 2020

In today's episode, we discuss our pilgrimage to the Short Hills Mall to pick up a watch.

We're hanging with boys, and we meet a new super hero!

We're closing in on the season finale!  What will Homelander do next?  Will Hughie ever find true love?  Will A-Train get derailed by the Church of the Collective?

Tomorrow's the BIG day, The Mandalorian Season Two!  The Charismatic Trio plans on Watch Partying the season premiere!

He's a shot of the pandemic garbed trio picking up the Sith Librarian's watch at the Omega boutique.

So grab a cold Fresca, a bag of fried pork rinds, and enjoy.