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Intercepted Imperial Transmissions

Hello Intercepted Imperial Transmissions listeners!  We would be honored if you would join us.  Have a look around, and use the comment page to reach out and say hi!

Oct 8, 2020

In today's episode, we're sticking with "The Boys" and discussing episode 3, "Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men".

The Librarian makes a "Boys" prediction for the season finale.

We're also only a couple of days from our trip to Ye Olde Watch Shoppe to pick up a couple of grownup timepieces.

Next week we will be releasing TWO episodes!!  (Crowd Cheers) Our discussion of The Boys, episode 4, "Nothing Like it in the World", AND Episode 5, "We Gotta Go Now".

So grab some Fresca, a Compound V brownie, compliments of Vought Craft Services and enjoy.