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Intercepted Imperial Transmissions

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Aug 2, 2018

On today's episode the Adjudicator and Librarian engage in a lightsaber battle; then we discuss the ancient art of Kendo, and the training weapons used (Bokken, Shinai).  Then we discuss the new wanna-be Jedi sport, full-contact lightsaber sparring!  The Librarian shows off a couple of his full-contact battle lightsabers.  And we engage in one last battle royale!

If you're interested in getting your own practice weapon or learn about Kendo, we've included a couple of helpful links.

All United States Kendo Federation

E-Bogu Martial Arts Equipment

Ultra Saber

Saber Forge

A Special Thanks to Star Wars sound designer, Ben Burtt.  You made a tension cable sound like a blaster, a scuba regulator into a Dark Lord, and a broken microphone cable into an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.